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Third party due diligence (compliance training)

Third party due diligence (compliance training) is an important anti-corruption approach, which allows us to avoid a bad reputation or the existence of a high risk of third parties to carry out business. Is a major component of efficient risk compliance procedures.

Eaton's global anti-corruption policy, must be retained in the third party and the payment of the money before the completion of the completion of the nomination agent's integrity and operational aspects of the due diligence. This is Eaton is committed to uphold the legitimate business part of the work.

Background investigation of the due diligence on our potential third party. This is the way to understand the status of its reputation and integrity before hiring third parties. Eaton the implementation of due diligence investigation using automated compliance background screening process.
In this procedure, the "third party" means: (I) commissioned sales agents; and (II) dealers.
"Commission sales agent" means the individual or business of Eaton's products, and no need to purchase the products or obtain the right of trade from our party in advance.
"Dealer" means the individual or firm that buys a product from Eaton and which is to be sold to its customers. Third party does not include the purchase of products from the Eaton and will be incorporated into its own new products in any individual or enterprise (such as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)).
Business type third party conduct third party due diligence; individual type third party carry on the compliance training.

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