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Cooper (Ningbo) electrical new products through the national identification


On June 28, China Machinery Industry Federation organized relevant experts in Ningbo on Cooper (Ningbo) Electrical Co., Ltd. is the development and production of "ZW61-40.5/D2500-31.5 CES-40.5/D2500-31.5 outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker" for the national product technical appraisal.
Identification of the committee listened to the company product trial, type test report, inspected the production site, review of the relevant technical documents, and the products of the factory test items of the pumping test, the appraisal committee to discuss the question agreed that ZW61-40.5/D2500-31.5 CES-40.5/D2500-31.5 outdoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker main performance indicators reached the international leading level, agreed to adopt the product technical appraisal.
Cooper (Ningbo) Electric Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of new products, new product sales ratio of more than 50% per year. In 2014, Cooper (Edison) R & D center under the strong support and assistance, the successful development of the CES-40.5 capacitor with international leading level switching special vacuum circuit breaker. Currently the product has in the national high-voltage electrical products testing center through the back-to-back 1500A of capacitor banks switching test and at 31.5KA short-circuit breaking and closing capabilities of all size of type test items. ZW61-40.5/D2500-31.5 (CES-40.5/D2500-31.5) product development of success, to improve the grid system in existing 40.5 kV Capacitor Bank switching circuit breaker using life, lowering maintenance cost and improving the safety and reliability of the operation to create the conditions. The vacuum circuit breaker replacement SF6 circuit breaker, avoiding the use of greenhouse gases, make a contribution to protecting the environment.
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